Crazy Cars

Free A free and entertaining car racing game with good graphics and many options
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This program is a free car racing game with good graphics and many interesting options. You can customize the color of your car and add other characteristics to tune it up and make it run faster.
Every time you start the program, it shows its configuration window. You can set your appropriate screen resolution, as well as the quality of the graphics. You can choose among six different qualities that go from Fastest (lower quality) to Fantastic (highest quality). Your choice will depend on the speed of your system and on the quality of your video card.

Regarding the game, it is very entertaining and fun. It is the classic car race in which you need to drive your car to take curves, increase or decrease its speed to avoid crashes, pass other cars and prevent that they pass you. You can control your car with the arrow keys of your keyboard or with a joystick connected to your computer. You earn "money" with each obstacle you overcome, such as when you pass another car or dodge an obstruction on the road. You can use that money to tune your car up by buying different items, from stickers to new tires to other upgrades.

All in all, it is an entertaining and fun game that you can play alone, or race against the computer or other players, in which case, your system will need to have the capability for connecting several joysticks.

You can download the program for free. Nevertheless, please take into account that the installation file is huge and will take a while to download. Also, you will need to check if you have enough space on your hard drive to download and install the game.

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  • Free
  • Good graphics
  • Very entertaining


  • Huge installation file; takes a while to download
  • Requires a huge amount of hard drive space


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